For it’s you who holds the key to achieving a healthy, joyous, and passionate life.

But who hasn’t misplaced their keys every now and again? My goal is simply to help you find them. It’s actually my passion.

Our greatest gifts lie within our greatest challenges.

While I think my years studying medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, and heck, probably even the time I spent studying Economics at Vanderbilt, gave me tools to help you decode your physiological, emotional, and pragmatic needs, it’s ultimately my personal challenges that have best equipped me to connect with and help others.

Despite a thorough understanding of the body’s biological functions, I didn’t understand how to live vibrantly.

I spent a long time obsessed with controlling my appearance, keeping myself locked in food prison—free of the “diagnosable” symptoms, yet still trapped by emotional barbwire. Escaping my own cage is what made me savvy to breaking through that which holds you back.

It’s not simply a matter of ordering a bunch of labs to diagnose digestive troubles and hormonal imbalances—although I certainly do that when necessary. Rather, it’s about taking a close look at each obstacle to your healing, and then finding a personalized pathway to your vibrant life.

Even those who aren’t doing anything “wrong” per se, might attest to not feeling as good as they desire.

Beyond treating symptoms and managing underlying disease, I listen deeply for what is working and what isn’t. This entails unveiling subconscious beliefs affecting your habits, understanding how certain foods affect you, and devising a clear and customized solution that takes into account your financial, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

And while it’s not about me, you’ll find I’m an open book, free of rules and restrictions.

I grew up in New Orleans, playing soccer and riding horses, which eventually led me to Missoula, Montana—the long and circuitous way—where I now kick soccer balls with my son, and horses enjoy wide, open spaces. As certified yoga instructor, spending time on my mat makes my spirit sing, not to mention hiking backcountry trails and swishing down ski runs with my family.

Whether you take one of my online courses, participate in a local pod, or meet me in Missoula during an office visit or group retreat, know that I am deeply committed to helping you define freedom—in your food, in your body, in your life.



"I found a partner in health, someone who takes the time to listen and understand, not just prescribe."

Christina V.