April 3, 2018

What Learning Looks Like

Today I want to talk to you about learning. Learning about your body. Learning about your lifestyle… your relationships…your… well – Learning about yourself. There are some types of learning that can be tackled through reading and talking about stuff. We call this knowledge or book smarts. But we all know that being book smart

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February 20, 2018

Own Your Pace

If I were to group all of my patients into just two groups, it would be sprinters and joggers. Sprinters are ready to rip the bandage off and dive into the work, but they need quick results or they will lose interest and commitment to the process. Anything too slow will bore them to tears.

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January 16, 2018

A Matter of Priority

On a recent trip, I had lunch with a couple other conference attendees. I was surrounded by people eating french fries and burgers. I ordered a sparking water and sliced avocado. How can you be so discipline when you travel? one woman asks. Hmmmmm, I scratched my head. Discipline? But here’s the thing, when you’re

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