February 20, 2018

Own Your Pace

If I were to group all of my patients into just two groups, it would be sprinters and joggers.

Sprinters are ready to rip the bandage off and dive into the work, but they need quick results or they will lose interest and commitment to the process. Anything too slow will bore them to tears.

You might be a sprinter if:
You walk fast. You talk fast.
You finish sentences for others
Multi-tasking – yeah, you invented that!
Amazon prime? Yep – because you want it tomorrow. Who has time to wait 3-5 business days!
When it’s time for spring cleaning, you psych yourself up, work around the clock for 3 days, and then collapse in exhaustion… possibly with a few to-do boxes left unchecked, but 90% of the work is DONE.

Joggers lean heavily on the idea that the tortoise, not the hare, won the race. Joggers like to move slow and steady. Anything too fast will overwhelm them. They are unrushed in their need for results so long as they clearly sense some forward progress.

You might be a jogger if: 
You listen first, then speak.
You dip your toe in the pool before diving in.
You focus on one thing until it’s done, and then you move on to the next item on your list.
You value consistency and routine.
A home improvement project could take months (or longer) because you’ll do one piece, finish it, recover, and then begin the next one.

And, yes – I know, some of you are hybrids.

The path I take with members of each group looks nothing like the path I take with members of the other group, but wanna know the best part?

The super cool thing – and the point of this note – is that neither group is more successful AS LONG AS we accurately identify the appropriate pace.

The best advice that I could give you is to OWN YOUR OWN PACE!

Jog. Run. Sprint. It doesn’t matter.

But move forward!



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