October 30, 2018

Sneaky words that keep you stuck

Reaching new heights requires taking new actions.

Accomplishments and finish lines are rarely reached without risks, most especially those accomplishments and finish lines that require you to grow into a new version of yourself – with new skills, new strengths, and new levels of perseverance.

And let’s be honest, growing into a new version of yourself can be downright terrifying, which is why most of us play it safe with these stealth phrases.

1 – I already know that.

2 – That won’t work for me.

These two phrases slam the door shut on any chance of an open mind, giving you an immediate exit strategy that bypasses challenge, growth, and change.

These phrases protect our egos from getting bruised, but often create other pains as they allow us to repeat destructive habits without adjusting course.

But if you want to reach your goals, rather than just have them; you must be willing to wonder, to experiment, to get uncomfortable even.

So when you hear yourself saying these words – silently or out loud – here’s what you do to get back into action around a satisfying life…

When you say, “I already know that…”

Take a deep breath.
Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” and let your mind remain open to new thinking.

When you say, “That won’t work for me…”

Take another deep breath.
Ask yourself, “Have I actually tried that? For real? How might doing that work for me, in my life, with my goals?” and let your mind remain open to new action.

Reaching your goals requires new thinking and/or new action. Usually both.

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