September 25, 2018

What’s the Point?

I’m writing from the living room in a house in Estes Park CO.

My mom and her sister are here.
My brother, his wife, their two daughters.
Of course, Everett is here, too.

My dad is home in Florida. He can’t travel easily any more. He’s a proud man and wouldn’t want me to share his details, so I won’t.

But his absence reminds me to think, “what’s the point?”

What is the point of everything I do in pursuit of a vibrant life…
the sprints you’ve been reading about… the fasting… the ultra low-sugar diet… my workouts… and even my obsessive hunger for knowledge about vitality?

My family is incredibly important to me. I learned that when we moved from Florida to Montana, and being with them suddenly required a full day of airports.

But the point of everything I do to invest in my wellbeing is not just so that I can BE WITH family. It’s so that I can ENJOY family.

At the end of a day, I want to have the energy to throw a ball with Everett. On Saturday mornings, after I get my own workout in, I want the energy to ride bikes and skateboard with him. I want to be an example of a life well lived.

The pursuit of skinny was never motivating enough to keep doing what it required. My guess is that it doesn’t motivate you either.

Neither does “being healthy.” I mean… Healthy BMI. Normal blood pressure. Boring!

Living at the speed of life… that’s something different.

That’s winning.

And that’s for you to define.

The body freedom project was founded out of the deepest desire to serve those who want to live big and focus on winning, not just losing weight, decreasing inflammatory markers, or lowering blood sugar.
(That may be HOW, but it’s not a big enough WHY)

So as I look at the final week of my #SeptemberSprint, I remind myself why I started a year ago. I remind myself that I may reach my goals by playing what feels like games, involving fairly short “sprints,” but when it’s all said and done, vitality is an ultra marathon in my mind.

My WHY is a commitment to live well and play hard. I want to be part of my son’s life, not just an observer in the stadium.

What’s your WHY?

Reply and tell me so I can remind you when you need to remember it in order to keep going.

And if you’re 100% committed to achieving your goals, ask me about our new accountability program at the office.

We still have a couple of spots left in our pilot program – Set Yourself Up for Success – specifically designed to offer extra support during the holidays, when most people need it most.

** stay tuned – next week I complete the #SeptemberSprint and will part the curtains on my plans for the year to come.

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