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Why a Pod when you can just opt for a set cleanse or diet regime?

Well, the answer lies within the question because a regime suggests a rigid approach while personal wellness is just that, personal. Everyone’s body and psychological challenges are unique and this allows for women to feel the camaraderie and support of unified effort while simultaneously implementing strategies that are effective for each individual. For instance, Sally might be working at upping energy levels, while Betty is trying to lose weight. There’s not a smoothie on the planet that can get delivered to your door that is a one-size-fits-all solution. And, given the guided nature of each session, you always have something new and fun to discuss and discover.

Does a pod constitute “medical attention?”

While this series doesn’t replace the care provided by your personal physician, it is created by a naturopathic doctor who doesn’t subscribe to crash diets that might jeopardize your personal wellbeing. (Learn more about Dr. Dawn Dalili here.) You’ll benefit from receiving advice from a trusted professional, all the while getting backup from your besties. Overall, you can think of it as a creative way for you to support the women you love and find a fun alternative to doing the samo samo for girls’ night out.

What if you want to keep our Pod going after 6 weeks? (Spoiler Alert: You probably will.)

Actually, that’s no problem. Ongoing activities can continue to be curated for your crew. In fact, as you start to discover what works well for your group, activities can be tailored accordingly. Just click the button to “Pod continuation

So your friend heard about your pod and wants in mid-stream; is it possible?

We are working on this option. For now, your best bet is to email us and we’ll work out a solution for your unique circumstance.

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Pod Particulars


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