Dalili Pods

Pondering the Pod?

What the heck is a “Dalili Pod,” you ask?


It’s a group of 2 to 12 women who you can gather with, in person, to enjoy activities designed to bolster individual wellness goals. Think of it like a book club, without having to read.


So, what’s Pod protocol?

  • Find women interested in improving their health. Since that’s probably everyone you know, narrow it down to 2 to 12 that you like hanging out with.
  • Sign up here to form your Personal Pod, which of course you can name, and pay the fee for a 6-week series.
  • Decide on a schedule that’s convenient for all of you to meet. Ideally, it’s once a week, but can also be held bi-weekly.
  • This step is optional, but many will choose to receive “Dalili Diagnostics.” This entails going to local lab for a blood draw. You then send the results to Dalili to review in order to suggest supplements tailored to your individual biology—and possibly detect underlying health issues that you may need to address with your personal physician.
  • Whether your designated health goal is diagnostic-driven or self-motivated, you’ll each receive a 20-minute private phone session with Dalili to discuss your personal health mission for the next 6 weeks—and beyond.
  • Then, await your first assignment. Each week your pod will receive an email detailing the group’s next activity and set of group discussion questions. These are usually meant to last about 3 hours and range from cooking a particular dinner together (or at least ordering healthy take-out); coming dressed as a certain “persona,” sharing the results of the week’s special “health challenge,” or taking a little field trip from a list of fun options.
  • One day or evening within your pod’s 6-week session, Dalili will make a live “House Call,” a video chat appearance to check in on your pod’s progress and answer questions from the group.


Pondering the Pod?

What the heck is a “Dalili Pod,” you ask?



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