Don’t blame your hormones.┬áBalance them.

Drop the extra weight.
Say goodbye to problematic PMS.
Forget about brain fog.
Have energy for what excites you.

Dr. Dalili’s private practice – the Montana Center for Vibrant Living – is dedicated to helping with all things hormone & metabolism. We offer virtual visits and can support woman located anywhere in the continental U.S.

There’s a solution for your symptoms.
I’m here to help you find it.



What patients say

I could not have gotten through the last few months of my life without Dr. Dalili's support.

Mary B.

I can't believe how much better I feel after just 6 weeks. I did not even dream this was possible.

Laura S.

I've lost over 40 pounds and now get my period monthly after not having one for 5 years!

Nancy R.

If you had told me I would feel this much better this soon, I wouldn't have believed you.

Syndey P.