meet dr. dalili


Helping you regain your health and live the life you want to live is my passion.


I create comprehensive programs that do more than treat the symptoms or manage the disease. I listen deeply for what is working and what isn’t. Then I outline a clear and customized approach that will help you move toward the life you want and the vibrant health you deserve.


Whether you see me in the office, connect with me online,  or participate in one of my  virtual programs, you can expect a safe space to express your concerns and hopes openly.

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Working with a Naturopath

If you’re new to working with a Naturopathic physician, you can be confident that I’ll call on all my skills and resources as a physician to address your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It’s not just about ordering a bunch of labs (although I will certainly do that when it is needed). Rather, it’s about taking a close look at each obstacle to your healing, and then finding a way to your own vibrant life.


I’ve earned degrees from Vanderbilt University (Economics), Mills College (Post-bac Pre Med) and Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. I have practiced across the country, serving women and men struggling with their weight, digestive trouble, hormonal imbalance and lack of energy. Now I’m here in Missoula and ready to help you!


Working with me

My patients say that I’m compassionate, intuitive and deeply invested in their health. I provide comprehensive care because it is my commitment to you and the vibrant life you deserve.

Dr. Dalili has really helped me to value myself and prioritize self-care, which has made such a difference in the way I feel.

Dawn Dalili is a naturopathic physician practicing in Missoula, Montana.

She grew up in New Orleans, where she spend most of her time playing soccer and riding horses.

She received a degree in economics from Vanderbilt University and then moved to San Francisco before being called to practice medicine. Dr. Dalili completed pre-med coursework at Mills College and UC-Berkeley.

She graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. Now, her virtual courses — Food Body Freedom and Healthy Habits — and social media communities connect her to clients worldwide.

Dr. Dalili’s personal practice of whole-body healing includes many hours on the yoga mat, ski trails and hiking paths through the mountains with her son.