You are so much more than what you eat

This is the part where we get really honest. The work we do to get past health challenges and over emotional obstacles doesn’t always happen during office hours. It often requires a stretch of time and a brand-new notebook to do journaling, or ear buds and a treadmill so we can press play on a motivational audio series.


My virtual courses walk you through emotional triggers with practical tips, guided meditations, and exercises that help you get to the root of your health challenges.


You’ll gain deeper insights and come away with daily practices to live the vibrant life you want.

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what patients say

I entered our first session with the goal of becoming Super Woman. I felt deficient, weak, and scared. The transformation we created in less than 10 sessions is simply mind-boggling. Most powerfully, Dawn opened my eyes to the fact that I am a whole person.  As a young girl, I believed that I needed a man to complete me. I thought relationships required some sort of power exchange: you do this for me, I do this for you, and together we equal one, whole person. I vividly remember the day I realized I was whole – I didn’t need my husband to complete me. It felt strange to me at first, but the FREEDOM to choose my husband without pretense was overwhelming.  Our love intensified in every way.  My husband expressed that this shift was freeing for him, too. ~Melissa

I can honestly say that working with Dr. Dalili has changed my life for the better in so many ways. Through our work, I finally changed my own perception of my body and am able to look at myself in the mirror without self-reproach and negative associations. I have used her techniques to create a positive, intention-filled outlook that starts within, and has manifested itself in so many other areas of my life already. ~Nancy