March 6, 2018

Style & Styleability

I recently signed up for a course called Style & Styleability.

I’m the first to admit that style has never been my strength. I was the quintessential tomboy for the first 20-something years of my life. I played soccer. I rode horses. I climbed trees. I was ALWAYS dirty. And I thought dresses and makeup were just ridiculous.

Somewhere in my 20s that started to change, and now I find great joy in simple elegance such as handmade jewelry, beautiful boots on a wintry day, or quality handbags. I love people watching for ideas and inspiration. In fact, I recently took my son to Seattle and came back somewhat obsessed with Chelsea boots, cropped jeans and tailored jackets. It’s like the professional woman’s uniform there!

But style just doesn’t come naturally to me… like not. at all.

I’m the first to admit that I can see an outfit in a magazine or another woman and think, “oooooh, bohemian chic. I love it.” But when I put on something similar, I am convinced I look more like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.

What I love about Style & Styleability is that I’m starting to learn principles – not rules – that I can apply in my own way to help me feel more comfortable and confident in my own skin.

And here’s why I want to recommend that you, too, spend a few extra minutes in the morning to help ensure that you feel like the best version of you all. day. long.

For over 10 years, my professional life has been dedicated to helping women feel amazing. Whether you came through my doors because you were tired of feeling tired, wanted to lose 10 or 100 lbs, or felt like you became some scary version of yourself a few days a month, you’ve heard me say that lifestyle medicine is our foundation.

And lifestyle medicine is largely about what you eat, right?

Well, largely. But not entirely!

The deeper truth is that what we eat often comes back to how we feel about ourselves. When we wake up tired and throw on something convenient and comfortable (but not flattering), we can inadvertently lock ourselves into feeling, well… bla, all day. I call this emotional inertia.

But when you’re committed to dressing your best and taking little steps that leave you feeling even just a little more beautiful, confident, and excited about your day, you break up that emotional inertia. You set yourself on a different path. And I promise it matters!

It matters because that little shift is going to leave you less tempted to derail your diet. It’s going to leave you more inclined to get to the gym or for a hike. It’s going to anchor in the idea that you matter, and by all means you are worth taking good care of. So you’ll take good care of yourself.

In my last post, I got so much fantastic feedback about jogging vs sprinting. I even found out that I have more than a few walkers in my community. And one proud snail.

Hearing from you was fun and insightful, so let’s do it again.

Email me with at least one little thing you’re willing to do every day this week to set yourself on the vibrant path again and again.

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