April 3, 2018

What Learning Looks Like

Today I want to talk to you about learning. Learning about your body. Learning about your lifestyle… your relationships…your… well – Learning about yourself.

There are some types of learning that can be tackled through reading and talking about stuff. We call this knowledge or book smarts.

But we all know that being book smart isn’t the same as being street smart.

And when it comes to learning about your body – and what works to achieve your version of optimal health – book smarts just ain’t gonna do it. You need street smarts.

But getting street smart doesn’t/can’t/won’t happen with reading or talking about anything. You only get this kind of learning through doing.

Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.

This kind of learning takes courage in the face of trial and error, and like it or not, it’s a necessary process along the pathway to a vibrant life.

You see, there is no crystal ball that will tell me – or any other doctor you see – the perfect formula for you from the very beginning. There’s plenty to guide me in helping you, including my own dedication to vibrant health and all the trial and error I’ve had in it’s pursuit, years of study during and after naturopathic medical school, and the experience of hundreds of patients I’ve worked with.

But even with all of that, when it really comes down to it, there’s nothing that will replace your trying something on and finding out how it fits.

Here are so successes and painful slip ups from my own recent learning experiences.

Success – About 6 or 8 months ago, I was feeling great. I read a book about fasting. I started playing around with intermittent fasting, and holy cow, I felt even better. In every way that I measure my own health, I saw improvements. Score.

Painful slip – Do you remember that email about sprinters and joggers? [if you missed it, it’s posted here]

That post was inspired by my unpleasant attempt to deny my sprinter nature and force myself to jog. Literally. I was reading a book about endurance training and making myself jog at a really, really slow pace when what I love to do is interval training.

I finally said “OMG – this is NOT working.” Ouch!

But I started sprinting again. My mood bounced back. And I chalked it up to learning.

I bring this up because I so often see that one or two attempts at experimenting with something new can be totally derailing for a period of time.

You may try to bring back dairy and find yourself dealing with the acne of a teenager or running to the bathroom in the middle of a meeting.

You don’t need me to tell you that this is NOT FUN!

But you may need me to tell you to keep experimenting anyway.

Why? Because this is what learning looks like.

The only way to find your perfect formula and to experience a deep sense of freedom with your lifestyle, communications, relationships, and all other things that make life worth living is to be willing to engage with life itself.

Try things on. Let it get messy from time to time. Be willing to come back to your trusted baseline and reset when you need to. But then try something else when you feel the urge.

Never stop learning.

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