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soma soul sisterhood

A year long experience that weaves comprehensive functional health, inner mastery and lifestyle design with a group experience to support you in creating a lifestyle that sustains you at the deepest level.

The perfect solution for the woman who prioritized her family and loved ones, her community, or her career at the expense of her physical, mental, and emotional health.



you could experience yourself as grounded and present, rather than anxious, stressed out, or continually rushed.


you could feel a deep sense of satisfaction, rather than the endless searching for something forever out of reach.


your relationship with food could be nourishing rather than being rooted in a desperate attempt to fill or avoid emotional hunger.


your relationship with your body could be peaceful. You no longer felt the need to punish yourself for an endless list of flaws.


you had the confidence to grant yourself permission to live by your own rules and natural strengths. 

you can!

you’ve wantED this for a long time, but…


You were telling yourself, “it’s not THAT bad” and kept pushing until you totally burned out.


Your doctor said your labs are “normal,” and you seem fine to others, so you swallowed your desire for something more.


You prioritized the needs of others, repeatedly promising that you’ll get to your own needs some day.


Fear that others wouldn’t “get it” turned into shame that pushed your needs, wants, and desires even deeper into hiding until you lost touch with them.


You let self-doubt cloud your judgement and convince you that you aren’t worth investing in.

AND now you’re ready

I get it because I've been there.

I know what it’s like to drag myself out of bed, depend on coffee to get through a day, nibble at salads while still gaining weight, and struggle to make it through a month without curling up in a puddle of tears.

I  have felt that sense of desperate searching for an answer that no one could give me.

I did all the diets before discovering that my true hunger was for living courageously.

I hated my curves and my cycle before making peace with my body and finding power and wisdom in my femininity.

My search for the pretty-skinny-happy formula sent me to Naturopathic medical school (I’m not kidding), but I found that even ‘holistic health’ had too many holes in it. 

I now compliment over 10 years of clinical experience with my studies in Eating Psychology, Transformational Coaching, and most recently, NLP, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnosis.

Through decades of personal searching, I gained access to the answers within; and I’m confident I can help you find them, too.

It’s now my life’s mission to teach women like you how to do the same so you can feel your absolute best… allowing you to live with both play and deep purpose.



You’ve googled every symptom, tried the tips of every influencer, and your head is spinning with confusion due to endless amounts of conflicitng advice. You’re ready for individualized expert support.


Deep inside, you’ve got the sense that something is missing… something is off… the way you feel can’t possibly be “normal;” and you trust that if you could tap into the well of knowledge within you’d have more confidence, deeper trust within yourself, and a stronger sense of purpose and connection.


You’re tired of looking at your well-being through a keyhole. You want to see the full picture, get real answers, and discover a solution that works for YOU.


You’re ready! You will no longer tolerate feeling half-ass, while others tell you that you should feel grateful that it isn’t worse. 




You want a pill for every problem.

The solutions we seek are truly holistic – integrating lifesyle, a targeted approach to dietary and supplemental strategies, and addressing the thoughts and beliefs that, until now, have repeatedly tripped up your progress.


You’re not ready to prioritize your health and healing.

Let me be perfectly clear. There is nothing magical about just registering for a program, even an amazing program. The progress you will make comes from doing the work of the program.

Transformational results only come with full participation, which might require making tough choices about allowing other aspects of life to interfere with your commitment to the life you crave.


what’s included

SOMA SOUL SISTERHOOD is the most comprehensive program of its kind. Here’s what’s included:


Most doctors are happy to order only the most basic labs, tell you everything is “fine” and shew you on your way with a prescription for an anti-depressant.

I am not most doctors!

This program offers complete functional lab analysis:

  • comprehensive blood chemistry
  • food sensitivity testing
  • digestive health assessment
  • metabolic assessment
  • hormone analysis

Over the course of several visits, we will discuss your results and create your plan individually.



The world is full of coaches telling you that you need to BE different before you can DO different and HAVE different, but they’re not providing tools that allow you to transform the inner landscape of your world. This program does!

Dr. Dalili is certified in Neurolinguistic Programming, TimeLine Therapy, and Hypnosis. In the second step of this three part program, you’ll have four private sessions designed to help you:

  • release negative emotions to free you from a cycle of over-reacting
  • dissolve limiting beliefs so that you have genuine access to being the person you want to be, and
  • place goals in your future in a way that calls forth success.

This portion of the program includes 4 hours of individual time with Dr. Dalili where you’ll address negative emotions, the thought loops that keep you stuck, and bring a profound sense of possibility to your most important goals.



Once your individualized plan is in place and you’ve started shifting your mindset to BE the version of you that you crave, the third step invites you into a community of likeminded women. This step will guide you through a nine month curriculum that will ensure that all of these changes become an integral part of your life.

As a community you will learn to navigate obstacles, cultivate a nourishing relationship with food and body, and to curate an environment that makes success inevitable.

This aspect of the program is designed to ensure longevity. It will give you the necessary time to weave these changes in to the fabric of your life so they become a seamless part of who you are.

Brilliant Choice!

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