April 17, 2018

Freedom…in Phases

Is a deep sense of freedom in your relationship with food even possible?

I wholeheartedly think the answer is yes! But it takes at least two things: patience and time.

It’s no big secret that when I start working with a new patient, we discuss dietary changes. And depending on how you were eating when we met, those changes could feel like a really big deal.

It could totally feel like those changes came with a lot of rules, and can’t we all agree that’s not how most of us describe freedom!

And that’s why I think it’s important to recognize that food freedom comes in phases.

I want to break those phases down so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Phase 1 –

This phase can definitely be a confusing pair of excitement (about the idea that you’ll finally start feeling better) and overwhelm (and the reality that my recommendations, which say avoid grains, sweeteners, and dairy = a radical overhaul in what you’ve been consuming).

Phase 2 –

Another confusing pairing: yes, you’re feeling better, and that’s great. But you’ve only figured out 3 or 4 recipes, and you’re starting to get bored. Will this be all I eat forever.
At this point, it wouldn’t be uncommon if you were more focused on the word “no” – as in no grains, no sweeteners, and no dairy – than in all you stand to gain from having more energy, more focus, improved mood, and an overall sense of vitality.

Don’t sweat it. This is normal!

Phase 3 –

Done with the boredom, you decide that eating grains, sugar, and dairy can’t possibly be that bad. You indulge. Like, really, indulge.

Then you feel really bad, like really really bad!

Phase 4 –

You realize, ‘oh man, this is worth it!”

With a renewed surge of motivation, you recommit. You take the time to find more sites with more recipes of things you can eat. You stop focusing on, or maybe even stop noticing, the things you can’t eat.

You begin to realize that simple, nutritious foods actually taste really good, and your enthusiasm grows.

You even feel creative, coming up with your own recipes for all the foods you can eat. Hey, you think, this is kind of fun.

And now that you’re sleeping better and able to stay focused during your day, you find that you might actually want to go for a hike and enjoy those little moments of sunshine that are starting to peak through the clouds.

This is how food freedom takes root.

It’s not immediate, so don’t expect it to be. But if you’re willing to stay the course you’ll find that it does grow stronger, AND that it’s totally worth it.

And just like we talked about last time, once you’re hooked on feeling good, you are welcome to experiment and play.

Remember… Never stop learning. Freedom is yours to find.

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