More energy, improved mood, connection to your body.

Feel better than better.

Feel profoundly alive.

After 15 years of practicing Naturopathic Medicine, I’ve accepted that medicine and nutrition alone will not bring about the deep sense of wellness most women crave. A better body, better libido, better energy, better head of hair… however you are looking to feel better, I can assure you that you are not alone—but you are unique. 

Blood tests and hormone levels inform my work, but the aspects that contribute to feeling truly alive span far beyond lab results. That’s why I’ve dedicated so much time to acquiring additional training in the areas of psychology, behavioral sciences, learning sexuality-centered practices and trauma-based healing methods. I take all these complex factors into consideration and distill them into a “give-it-to-you straight” personalized approach.

Identify barriers standing in the way of…


Abundant energy


fulfillment in all areas of life


thriving relationships

at home or at work, with a sexual partner, and – most definitely – with food and body.


Get comfortable in your skin

Ditch diets and punishing exercise, discover an effective yet sustainable approach to your most vibrant health.

Feel all the feels again

Balance hormones, improve libido, increased energy…
basically, get your groove back.

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Marilee S.

Dr. Dalili is the perfect balance of knowledge, truth, and intuition. She’s opened me to greater love and connection, and shined a light on my blind spots, which has helped me to grow personally and caused my relationships to improve as well.

It’s like I’m able to hear myself for the first time. I feel more at ease in my body, more in tune with my desires, and more seen in my relationships.

Dr. Dalili is truly gifted and working with her has been a huge gift for me.

Donna E

Dr. Dalili has helped me to transform my relationship with food and body. Sure, I’ve lost 45 pounds, and that’s great. But what’s really amazing is that I now have a loving relationship with my body. We’re on the same team.

I never thought that was possible. 

Nancy R

Working with Dr. Dalili has been an absolute life-changer! Her real skill is in helping to uncover—and then deal with—the things you didn’t even know were getting in the way. I have learned so much about why I do what I do, which has helped me to plot a path toward being the person I desire to be in the world.

I never thought that was possible.