let me tell you a secret

you cannot hate yourself into health and happiness

The Pleasure Path is a course in personal discovery. Navigate life, not just your symptoms, to reach a place of awakened sexuality, joy, and a sense of aliveness.

a few teasers…

Learn techniques to stop “shoulding” on yourself

Everyone is different. We help you get to the root of your (and potentially your partner’s) sexual desires and “barriers to entry,” so to speak.

Find out if there’s chemistry

Sometimes hormone imbalances come into play, so we check them. More often than not, it’s only a small part of your formula for success.

Exit the shame-spiral

Decode the difference between indulgence and pleasure to maintain a sustainable course of action that’s enjoyable, satisfying and fulfilling.

Get off to a good start

You can’t expect to do “punishing” workouts and have a withholding mentality around food and then expect your body to be open and free sexually. Learn how to reframe self-care to feel joy in and out of the bedroom.

Read the caution signs

Identify stressors and the stress itself, then take steps to metabolize the tension already woven into the fabric of your body. 

Watch your step

Work through the beliefs that keep tripping up your progress along the way.

In this 6 month personal coaching container, you will

Set out on a course of discovery to…


Identify hormone imbalances


Restore connections


Lose the restriction-reward loop


Unearth lost libido


renew a sense of aliveness

Take practical steps toward…


embodying your essence


improving your energy


upping your sexual game

Sandi M

Dr. Dalili combines the science of holistic and naturopathic care with the art of coaching and somatic integration for a truly unique and comprehensive approach to experiencing vitality and improved intimacy.


I know what it’s like to drag myself out of bed, depend on coffee to get through a day, nibble at salads while still gaining weight, and struggle to make it through a month without curling up in a puddle of tears.

I tolerated a sexless relationship for almost two years.

At times, I felt so desperate for an answer that I’d do anything to feel alive and in touch with my desire (in myself and in the relationship).

I changed my diet.

I took herbs and hormones to increase testosterone.

I tried supplements, mindset tools, and meditations…

all of it.

Combining my background as a naturopath and lots and lots of exploration, training and tears I found my way back to a pleasure-full life. I hope to use this experience to help guide you on your personal path toward vibrant living. 

Learn how to cultivate a profound sense of aliveness, make peace with pleasure and feel at home in your body. By making the choice to walk The Pleasure Path, you return the best of YOU to your family, relationships, work and world. 

I know, because I’ve been there.

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