The Journal

I treat real people with real lives. So I write about real life and all the things I’ve learned through my own journey.

This is rarely the place to find “3 tips for boosting your immune system during cold season.”

Healing Deeply

Naturopaths have a reputation for liking detox. And while there may be huge value in detox or cleaning the body, we simply cannot step over the mind as worthy of this vital practice.  My first experience with Detox Flow, a yoga workshop by Seane Corn, was while I was...

Own Your Gifts

Ever wonder what it’s all for? Why is life so darn hard sometimes (or like every single day of 2020)? What are you even good at? Let's discover how our greatest challenges become our greatest gifts. During my time in high school, I had a really hard time. Life felt...

Cats Don’t Bark

If your actions are not aligned with your desires, don’t be shocked when you don’t get what you want.   IF YOU WANT A DOG, DON'T GET A CAT AND ASK IT TO BARK. This concept was one of my biggest takeaways from reading The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz. The point –...

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