you didn’t fail

your approach was simply flawed

If eating less and moving more were all it took to lose weight (and keep it off!), it would’ve worked already. 

I get it! 

You want it to be that simple… that formulaic… that mathematical. 

I do, too. 

But it isn’t. 

The truth is that weight is so much more complex than calories in – calories out would have you believe. It’s even more complex that macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats), micronutrients (vitamins & minerals), and hormones (cortisol, insulin, estrogen) can account for. 


Let me tell you a truth I discovered early in my naturopathic career. Unfortunately, this felt like a very inconvenient truth because nothing I was taught in four years of medical school prepared me for the implications of this discovery. 

what i was taught -

Lifestyle is the underlying cause of most states of health & disease. 


Belief is the underlying cause of lifestyle. 

here’s what i’m saying…

What you believe about yourself determines what choices you’ll make for your body, your time, your work, your relationships, and so much more. 

What you believe – mostly about yourself – will determine: 


What you eat

  • Will you take the time to prepare a meal that works for you or nibble on your kids’ leftovers as you race around getting ready?

  • Do you eat the cookies your mother baked even though you know you’ll feel disappointed, tired, and bloated later? 


how much you eat

  • Do you feel guilty if you don’t finish your plate?

  • Do you eat on autopilot when stressed out or sitting in front of the tv at night?


how you eat

  • Do you stand at the refrigerator door nibbling on leftovers because you don’t relate to it as real if you don’t serve yourself or no one sees you?

  • Do you eat fast and then wonder why you ate so much?


why you eat

  • Is food a way to procrastinate or all together avoid difficult tasks?

  • Do you eat even though you’re not hungry because others are eating?

  • Do you eat because you’re less likely to say that difficult thing when your mouth is full? 


what types of exercise you do

  • Are you sweating it out on the treadmill even though you hate it?


how much you move your body every day

  • Do you neglect movement because you’re too busy tending to everyone else’s needs?


how much and how well you sleep

  • Are you burning the candle at both ends because you feel guilty if you let yourself rest?

  • Do you toss and turn all night because you’re struggling to m ake choices that honor your dreams and desires when they inconvenience others?


the extent to which you will tolerate a stressful relationship or job

  • Do you tell yourself that it doesn’t get any better than is or some version of I should be grateful for what I have.

  • Do you make decisions out of a sense of obligation or duty rather than the possibility of fulfillment?

The list goes on. 

And on…

And on.

That’s why Weight & Worthiness explores the connection between belief and action (or inaction).


Weight & Worthiness

In this five week, small group program, we’ll explore questions like


Do I believe that I deserve to feel good?


Do I believe that it is safe to be thinner than I am?


Do I believe that I am worth taking care of even when doing so creates friction in my relationship with others?

As you can probably tell, these are BIG questions. More importantly, your conscious answer is almost certainly an emphatic “yes!” But if you look closely at the choices you make day in and day out, you may find that – beneath the surface – the answer is more along the lines of “I’m not so sure…” 

We are diving into those non-consciously held beliefs that govern what you actually do. That’s why I want to be clear that Weight & Worthiness is an initiation, not a promise of total transformation.

In our five weeks together, the goal is to once and for all…


Break the belief that you can hate yourself into health or happiness.


I know what it’s like to drag myself out of bed, depend on coffee to get through a day, nibble at salads while still gaining weight, and struggle to make it through a month without curling up in a puddle of tears.

I tolerated a sexless relationship for almost two years.

At times, I felt so desperate for an answer that I’d do anything to feel alive and in touch with my desire (in myself and in the relationship).

I changed my diet.

I took herbs and hormones to increase testosterone.

I tried supplements, mindset tools, and meditations…

all of it.

Combining my background as a naturopath and lots and lots of exploration, training and tears I found my way back to a pleasure-full life. I hope to use this experience to help guide you on your personal path toward vibrant living. 

Learn how to cultivate a profound sense of aliveness, make peace with pleasure and feel at home in your body. By making the choice to walk The Pleasure Path, you return the best of YOU to your family, relationships, work and world. 

I know, because I’ve been there.

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