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It’s October!

That means…

1 – The #SeptemberSprint ends, and as promised, I’ll share my key takeaways.

2 – It’s time to celebrate the completion of another year, and the beginning of a new one.


Takeaways from the #SeptemberSprint:

To work, it has to be fun.

I had a blast doing *most* of the #SeptemberSprint. And the parts that just weren’t fun, started to slip to the side.

Any health promoting strategy that leaves you feeling like you’re suffering to get through it is probably not making you healthy.

“Healthy”isn’t reflected in a normal BMI, blood pressure, or even blood sugar… alone. It’s a state of being, difficult to describe, but recognizable from across a room. It’s a glow. And when fun is worked into your plan, you’ll get there.

Challenge may surprise you.

I love to move, so the workouts weren’t hard. I’m kinda vain, so the skincare wasn’t hard. Even the fasting, once I got into the rhythm and gave myself a little slack on the timeline, wasn’t hard.

What was hard – and totally unexpected – was the degree to which I questioned everything about everything about what matters in life, what I’ve accomplished, and what I will accomplish next.

When you begin a healing plan, you might find that eating and moving in ways that promote health become so routine that you start to think of them as easy. But the process of healing can stir up deep questions you might not be expecting. It’s ok. You’ll find answers.

Don’t let this unexpected challenge keep you from your goal line.

Success takes community.

I needed my closest friends this month. I needed my family. Even when I needed time alone, I needed them to get it.

We all need community. In fact, every group program I have ever offered has resulted in better outcomes than achieved through similar one-on-one programs. Why? Because humans are social beings. We need our community to support us, stretch us, love us through challenges, and care about our progress.

Find your people. Support them. Accept support from them. Achieve great things together.

Those are my big takeaways.

I didn’t get on the scale before. I didn’t get on the scale when it ended. The #SeptemberSprint was about non-scale-victories, and there were many.

Thank you, Dawn, for playing with me, for participating in your own sprint, for sharing your successes, and for reading about the triumphs and stumbles.

We’re in this together.