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Recently, a patient mentioned that she was “holding on to weight.”

This, in and of itself, is powerful language to explore. Subconsciously, she was communicating that her weight served a purpose, even if not consciously understood.

She went on to say that her weight was  S T U C K  even though she was eating the right things and not overeating.

This is when my work gets exciting because we get to poke around deeper than conventional wisdom suggests we should bother to explore.

I have great rapport with this woman, so we were able to drop in quickly. Here’s what our conversation looked like…

I asked what her body was holding on to, specifically.

“A shell. A protective layer.” 

I asked her to imagine what it would be like to live without this protection.

“Light. I see a field with filtered light. It feels spacious and free.” 

What does your body need to know, feel, or understand in order to let go of its protection?

“Love. She opened her eyes.Just love.”

That’s a potent message from her body, telling her mind what she needs. However, if I had left her with just that message, there’s a good chance she would’ve gone right back into her habitual holding.


Let’s dive into the idea of transforming your life through ritual.

Our minds may be romanced by words, but our body has one language, and it’s touch.

I invited my client to explore the creation of BODY LOVE RITUALS. What’s a body love ritual, you ask? Any way that you can ritualize, or make sacred, the act of self-love in a way that is tactile.

These might include…

  • candle lit baths with essential oils,
  • applying lotion before bed,
  • sleeping in silky nightgowns or sheets,
  • getting massages, facials, pedicures

The point is to express love to our body in ways our body can receive the message. In doing so, we cut through the psyche and speak to the body, and it’s the body that is holding onto weight.

My invitation to you is to incorporate ONE BODY LOVE RITUAL into your daily routine for 2 weeks. Let me know what ritual you’ll enjoy in the comments below.