Fasting is a great strategy if you want to do any or all of the following:


1 – Lose weight and/or improve body composition


2 – Have laser sharp mental focus/energy for hours


3 – Leave hanger (you know… when you’re so hungry you’re angry) in the past


4 – Reduce your risk diabetes, CVD and cancer

5 – Feel all-around amazing.

On top of that, it can so be easy, IF you lay the right foundation.

Fasting in best coupled with a relatively low carb/healthy fat diet because this approach to health is about hormones, not calories.

When a person is on a low carb/healthy fat diet, their insulin drops. This is the key to almost everything we are trying to achieve through dietary changes and fasting strategies.

That’s because insulin tells your body to store energy. When insulin is low, your body can burn [previously stored] energy.

That, my friend, is the ticket to healthy weight loss as well as cardiovascular and diabetes risk reduction.


Even if you don’t have weight to lose, this is the key to have amazing mental energy and that all around amazing feeling.