What are you Grateful for?

When I lived in San Francisco, I used to meet my friend Jennifer at The Grove – a quaint cafe in the Upper Filmore District. When I first moved to California, Jennifer and I worked together and saw each other regularly, but by this time life had taken us in different...


It is no secret that my yoga practice has had a profound influence on my life and on the work I do. Today, I want to talk about Ahimsa – the first of five precepts of the Yoga Sutras. Simply put, ahimsa is the practice of non-violence, but let’s be real… it’s...

Healing Deeply

Naturopaths have a reputation for liking detox. And while there may be huge value in detox or cleaning the body, we simply cannot step over the mind as worthy of this vital practice.  My first experience with Detox Flow, a yoga workshop by Seane Corn, was while I was...

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